Legionella conference 2016 in Amsterdam

4th International ESGLI Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 22 – 23 September 2016 150 European scientists,Click here for further details  Legionella conference 2016


Legionellosis is a very serious infection that can have lethal effects, is usually contracted by breathing through inhalation of aerosols containing Legionella.

-New environmental disinfection system suitable for treatment of health care, offices, schools
Community environments, food industries with head effect on pathogenic microorganisms including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphilococcus aureus, V Adenovirus, enterovirus, Polio 1, Orthopoxvirus and the influenza virus A H1N1.
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Free copy (ITALIAN) Newspaper   “IL TEMPO” an additional 32 pages to learn about, prevent and treat influenza A H1N1. here for download file (italian)


8 November 2015  H1N1: Battle gets bigger

The ‘H’ stands for hemagglutinin. And ‘N’ for neuraminidase- both proteins on the outer layer of the virus. What makes flu dangerous is that they are master mutators. In this case, there are 16 versions or subtypes of H and 9 of N.