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Legionellosis is a very serious infection that can have lethal effects, is usually contracted by breathing through inhalation of aerosols containing Legionella.



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    is a company founded in 2003 with the intention of offering its customers a package of products and services for the hygiene and safety, in line with European regulations, in respect of human health and the environment.

In twelve years, thanks to the work of its professional staff, Kimicontrol has expanded its technical and scientific skills, becoming a leading reference on the national territory.

Our focus on products with low environmental impact or completely ecological, has led us to consolidatea number of partnerships with leading companies, for the development of the following projects:

- Prevention of indoor pollution and biological agents

- Prevention and control of Legionella through the use of new technologies based on the application of quantum physics

The staff are professional Kimicontrol Technical Prevention, Engineers and Biologists who, through the coordination and supervision of the owner, dealing with:

- Food hygiene - H.A.C.C.P. Plans and Self-Control

- Legionella Prevention: risk assessment and drafting Plan Risk, complies with national guidelines,regional and sector, with monitoring of risk points.

Consultancy in the field of environmental sanitation with assessment and drafting of certified protocols.

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L. 88/2009 

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